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A number of hypotheses have been put forward as to the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. As of yet there is no definitive answer. There is a definite immunological dysfunction, which can be used as diagnostic biomarkers for those who have had the illness for less than three years.

The World Health Organisation has classed the illness as physical because a number of abnormalities have been found. Not all sufferers show the same abnormalities. Abnormalities in the nervous system and especially in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus have been noted. The hypothalamus regulates things like sleep, temperature control and appetite.

Abnormalities have also been found in blood cells and within cellular level energy transfer. There is continual research taking place to understand these abnormalities and their impact. At the moment, though, the research tends to be under financed, piecemeal and uncoordinated as the task is so large.


Although chronic fatigue syndrome can be triggered by a number of things, the actual cause is not yet understood. The most common things triggering the illness are:

  • viral infections (see below)
  • bacterial infection
  • environmental toxin overload
  • vaccinations
  • injury or trauma from an accident or operation

The most common viral factors considered to trigger CFS are the human herpes virus-6 (HHV-6), which affects the nervous system, the human herpes virus-7 (HHV-7), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and persistent enteroviral infections of the stomach.

Epstein-Barr virus can cause infectious mononucleosis otherwise known as glandular fever or 'mono'. The symptoms associated with this are sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and extreme fatigue.

There is certainly a genetic predisposition to chronic fatigue syndrome, but the fact that this condition often occurs in groups, points to a source.


  • Long-term exposure to nerve agents such as organo-phosphates and especially PESTICIDES is a definite possibility
  • A continually mutating virus, where the immune system can't 'lock onto' the infection.
  • An alternative hypothesis is that a trigger causes a person to become run down to such a degree that the digestive system begins to malfunction. The person then becomes sensitive to many foods. This then leads to poor nutrient absorption and even candida albicans overgrowth because of a lowered immune system. A detrimental cycle adding yet more abnormalities is thus created.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Environmental stress overload, leading to auto-immune dysfunction. Including things like constant exposure to chemicals, house dust, car fumes or work stress which add to the burdens of modern life.


Further research information can be found at: meresearch.org.uk

Aerotoxic Syndrome parallels CFS/ME and may give a clue as to the type of source that causes such illness.

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